Solidspac3 reduces construction rework, delays and claims by ensuring that plans match reality.

Input Plans
Solidspac3 will input the current plans, either the BIM or CAD drawings, into our cloud-based analytics engine for preprocessing. As a structure is being built, periodic 3D scans of the ongoing construction site will be uploaded to our engine for analysis.

input plans - Solidspac3

Fast Accurate Reports
In 12 hours a Variance Report will be available for all stakeholders which will identify items that have been incorrectly installed. Every variance will be classified by severity in a simple-to-read report for field professionals.

Accessible by All Parties
In addition, the VDC teams, architects, and engineers will have access to a rich 3D application for analysis of the point cloud, BIM.

360° Photos
360° progress photos of the site are available on a desktop or mobile device. Not only can you walk the site as if you were there, but you can take measurements from the picture with 1/8” accuracy because of the underlying point cloud.


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