962427 - Mini Prism

GMP004 Monitoring Mini Prism with L-bar

1820 $

The GMP004 is a new monitoring mini prism with L-bar for fixed monitoring installations. It consists of a completely sealed prism without an anti-reflective coating. The GMP004 is introduced as a monitoring accessory into the Professional 1000 Series.

The new GMP004 is suitable for monitoring applications where less range is acceptable (see the attached Infosheet for details). Be aware that the GMP004 is less robust than the existing GMP104. So if a monitoring prism in more challenging environmental conditions (e.g. extreme temperatures oratmospheres) is needed, the GMP104 is recommended.

The GMP004 monitoring mini prism comes with an attractive box business price – available as a set of 20 pieces.


  • Material : Aluminium grey anodized
  • Performance : EDM range: 1’000m
  • Performance : ATR range: 600m
  • Warranty : 12 Months



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