Welcome to ABTECH’s new website!

Following the changes in images and accessibility started in 2015 and always with a view to being a reference in customer service for land surveying and construction companies, ABTECH is proud to offer a brand new website with a modern design; its adaptive and user-friendly interface ensures a smoother surfing experience.

After investing massively in additional staff for each of the four branch offices and reorganizing its network of representatives and technicians in the last year, ABTECH started developing a more detailed website which will feature an online store. This considerable investment seemed essential, as ABTECH’s main goal has always been to be ready to meet its clients’ needs. The new website is therefore the next logical step in the reform undertaken two years ago; it also has additional information and resources, and an online store available 24/7 in total harmony with ABTECH’s values: timeliness, 24/7 availability, transparency, presence and service.

Happy surfing!