Do you have your Leica BLK360?

It is now possible to order the latest of the Leica HDS line of products: the Leica BLK360 laser scanner! Light and compact, the Leica BLK is the smallest imaging scanner on the market and features a 360,000 points/second digitalization speed. Easy to transport and to use, this unique device lets you capture high precision data and panoramic images of exceptional quality, in colours, from a single button and in less that three minutes. See for yourself.

*Video Credit: Leica Geosystems

ABTECH is fully aware of its customers’ needs and always wants to offer the best possible service; we conduct training seminars to familiarize yourselves with the brand new Leica BLK360 imaging scanner. Here are the dates:

  • November 14 in Quebec City
  • December 14 in Laval
  • Other dates will later be announced.

To sign up, or for any information request: 1-877-566-6183 or

Enjoy this new discovery!