ABTECH adds Move Solutions to its canadian portfolio

Keywords : structural monitoring, dynamic amplitude measurements, frequency of the vibrations


February 2nd, 2022

Sherbrooke, Qc


ABTECH is proud to announce the addition of Move Solutions products to its solutions portfolio. With this partnership, ABTECH is now the exclusive distributor of Move Solutions products in Canada.


Move Solutions offers a set of structural monitoring solutions that stand out for their quality, accuracy and proven technology in Canadian region. Their wireless sensor system paired with a LoRaWAN communications system and their Move Clouds platform it allow users to monitor their structures and analyze measurement data by performing automatic correlation analyzes using the included processing algorithms in the solution. The measurements are taken with an accuracy of 0.01mm thanks to the dynamic amplitude measurements and the frequency of the vibrations.


A constantly growing product offering
Through this agreement, ABTECH improves the depth of its product offering to its target markets.

Maintaining the quality of service that  we strive for, the ABTECH team is confident that this new partnership will greatly benefit its customers.



Martin Allard,

Marketing Vice-president


Olivier Beaulieu

Marketing manager